Who is she…?

Let me clear it in the very first line that she’s not my girlfriend and we are not dating each other.

       It happens to some of us. We make friends with someone and gradually, the connection deepens and develops into a bond. And from that point, it is no longer a friendship. It’s more than that. But it is difficult to put that feeling into words because you tend to feel some kind of affection and attatchment developing towards that person and you seem to feel that it is impossible to live without that person.
        The same thing is happening with me these days. Talking for hours has become a daily ritual for both of us and we both don’t regret for that. We share everything whatever is happening there in our daily life. We care for each other, as we alaways make sure that whether everything is happening good in our life or not. We both know very well that what we are doing and there’s nothing wrong in this. The understanding between us strengthens the relation between us. That’s why we don’t give a damn to what people around us think of us.
      P.S. Other than me and Sagacious Shefali ( #Ina ) this post is for all those people who thinks that we are in relation or dating each other to let them know about our relationship that it’s neither affair nor love its something different which you guys can’t understand. And let me tell you that this is something which is connected from the soul and I’m loving and living it.